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Shreyas Samaj

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Shreyas Samaj

A global strong society of Thaasra Dashanagar merchant of the world means ‘Shreyas Samaj’. Shreyas Samaj is a social, philanthropic and humanitarian society, which was established in 1966. The Shreyas Samaj embodies the aspiration of the Dasanagar merchant, towards Hatakeshwar Mahadev and Ashapuri Maa, which can be integrated in a single line of faith. Furthermore, the Samaj is also successful in implementing various educational, manageable, health and employment oriented schemes for the upliftment of the society.

Thaasra Dashanagar a commercial family has formed :

Shreyas Samaj

A global strong society of Thaasra Dashanagar merchant means ‘Shreyas Samaj’. Shreyas Samaj is a social, philanthropic and humanitarian society.

Shree Vidhyotejak Mandal, Mumbai

Education related any help to student is provided by Vidhyotejak Mandal. Shreyas Samaj’s Mumbai trust is working on the educational sector since last 48 years.

Shree Thaasra Dashanagar Vanik Charitable Trust

Charity trust collects the funding and help the money divert in various activities like grain aid, Girls’ education, Medical treatment etc.

Thaasra Dashanagar Vaadi

We provide banquet hall for various events at an affordable rent. The income generated from the rent is used to strengthen society and help it grow economically.

Shree Thaasra Dashanagar Vanik Mandal - Vadodara

This Mandal was established in Vadodara in year 1950. The Mandal is since then focusing on all-round development of the society.

In Vadodara, founders established this organization and worked for upliftment of the society. At this stage you are most welcome to move towards a more transparent awareness in a society with thanks for opening up through this website.

Thaasra Dashanagar merchants, with the grace of Shree Hatkeshwar Mahadev and Ashapuri Maa have established Shreyas Samaj. The organization was formed with a dream of achieving and fulfilling the goals of society. It focuses mainly on economic, social, educational, health enrichment and all-round development of the society. With the purpose of doing 35 activities, there is an immediate and continuous work to achieve excellent results by the organization.

Let us awake the latent powers of our leavened organization and organize the result oriented schemes. Let’s take the determination to summarize the new horizons of development of the entire Thaasra Dashanagar merchant family and make the next generation proud of us.

Let’s utilize the self-confidence, morale, faculty, talent, friendship, intelligence and cohesion of our leavened Samaj to create a better society for everyone and determine our unique identity globally.

Shreyas Samaj
Our Goal

With the help of the committee appointed by you in year 2018, the committee has worked towards needy and to enhance the social organization by:

  • Government Benefit Yojana
  • Vidyarthi Dattak Yojana (Established by main donor)
  • Vividhlakshi Akasmik Dattak Yojna (Established by main donor)
  • Diwali Sneh Sammelan
  • Shreyas Youth Wing
  • Government Exam entered in prize distribution scheme
  • Shreyas Samaj Property Yojana
  • Website registered with online portal

In year 2018 all the above Yojana (plans) were established for the betterment of the society.

One main goal is to help the members of the society. With the blessings of Kuldevi Shri Hatkeshwar Mahadev and Ashapuri Maa, Our organization is looking forward to purchase a property in Ahmedabad. The property will be utilized to fulfill the goal for providing Vaadi or banquet hall. The Income generated from this will strengthen the society and help it grow economically.

At present, the needy people can be assisted by 25 to 30% through various donor schemes. We have launched awareness campaign to reach the needy in the society through 70% government benefit schemes.

In 2018 we have succeed to provide 70% support in field of education. Additionally, efforts are being made to help 100% people through the Government Benefit Scheme.