• Shreyas Samaj


  • What is Shreyas Samaj?
    A global strong society of Thaasra Dashanagar merchant of the world means ‘Shreyas Samaj’. Shreyas Samaj is a social, philanthropic and humanitarian society, which was established in 1966.
  • What kind of activities Shreyas Samaj organize?
    Shreyas Samaj organizes activities that help the society grow. Some activities organized by the society are:
    • Government Benefit Yojana
    • Vidyarthi Dattak Yojana (Established by main donor)
    • Vividhlakshi Akasmik Dattak Yojna (Established by main donor)
    • Diwali Sneh Sammelan
    • Shreyas Youth Wing
    • Government Exam entered in prize distribution scheme
    • Shreyas Samaj Property Yojana
    • Website registered with online portal
  • Why should I donate to Shreyas Samaj?
    Shreyas Samaj works for the betterment of the society by organizing various activities and Yojnas. The Samaj is successful in implementing various educational, manageable, health and employment oriented schemes for the upliftment of the society. To be a part of the good cause you should donate.
  • Who can donate?
    Any citizen willing to be a part of the good cause can join the organization.
  • How can you be a part of Shreyas Samaj?
    To become a part of our society all you need to do is fill the contact form and we will revert back to you. We will contact you and provide you with the further information.

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