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Shreyas Samaj

A global strong society of Thaasra Dashanagar merchant of the world means ‘Shreyas Samaj’. Shreyas Samaj is a social, philanthropic and humanitarian society, which was established in 1966. The Shreyas Samaj embodies the aspiration of the Dasanagar merchant, towards Hatakeshwar Mahadev and Ashapuri Maa, which can be integrated in a single line of faith. Furthermore, the Samaj is also successful in implementing various educational, manageable, health and employment oriented schemes for the upliftment of the society.

Thaasra Dashanagar a commercial family has formed :

In Vadodara, founders established this organization and worked for upliftment of the society. At this stage you are most welcome to move towards a more transparent awareness in a society with thanks for opening up through this website.

  • Shreyas Samaj
  • Shree Vidhyotejak Mandal, Mumbai
  • Shree Thaasra Dashanagar Vanik Charitable Trust
  • Thaasra Dashanagar Vaadi
  • Shree Thaasra Dashanagar Vanik Mandal - Vadodara

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Our motto is to work for the betterment of the society. We try not to miss a single chance to help people. In order to elevate the society we conduct various activities and Yojnas.

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